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Home NETRP Precious Associate Due Date Friday!

3/13/2008 – Friday is the last day your Agent can sign onto the NETRP program Precious Coworker moneying letter. Please call your Rep today as well as ask him/her to sign onto homepage your house NETRP Dear Associate.

NETRP Deadline March 14 – Ask your Agent Currently

3/7/2008 – Ask your Agent to support the only Parkinson’s details research program in the Federal federal government by signing onto the NETRP program Dear Colleague.

Tell your Members of Congress to Support NETRP

  • 2/22/2008 – Please contact your Members of Congress as well as ask to sign onto the Precious Colleague letter on behalf of Parkinson’s study at the Department of Defense.
  • NPF Labels New President and Chief Executive Officer
    3/19/2008 – The Board of Supervisors of the National Parkinson Structure (NPF) announced today that Joyce A.
  • Oberdorf has been named President as well as President reliable April 1.

PD & Exercise Tale on ABC Information!

3/6/2008 – A tale on PD and Exercise aired Wednesday evening on the ABC Nightly Information with Charles Gibson. The story is about Rock Steady, a boxing-based fitness program for individuals with Parkinson’s, in Indianapolis, Indiana.